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Game Title Genre Date Rating
Phantom Mansion Adventure-Role-RPG Games 02-07-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Flash Element TD Thinking Strategy Games 01-24-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Jetspeed Action games 03-26-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Square Reflex-mouse games 10-23-2004 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Youda Legend: The Curse of the (...) Thinking Strategy Games 06-22-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Amazon Quest Thinking Strategy Games 02-06-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Avalanche ! Funny games 03-15-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Anti Terrorism Department Action games 09-26-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Pengapop Reflex-mouse games 12-30-2004 notenotenotenotenote
Wheelers Race Simulation Games 05-10-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Lucky Balls Thinking Strategy Games 05-15-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Park My Car Funny games 02-16-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Shuffle Sport games 04-04-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Boxhead The Zombie Wars Action games 05-03-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Gold Strike Funny games 03-03-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Raft Wars Shooting games 03-04-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Tennis Sport games 03-25-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Mountain Bike Sport games 05-10-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Musique Mania Music Games 04-06-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Yeti 3 Funny games 05-09-2004 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) James Patterson Women's Murder (...) Thinking Strategy Games 04-01-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Pinball Pepsi Arcade Games 04-27-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Death Row Adventure-Role-RPG Games 10-26-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Dream Day Wedding Funny games 12-24-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Pucca Platform games 03-17-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Bomberman (Bomb It) Funny games 03-02-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Tanks Battle games 08-22-2004 notenotenotenotenote
Bubble Bobble Platform games 05-10-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Sonic Platform games 05-06-2004 notenotenotenotenote
SpikeBoy Platform games 01-15-2005 notenotenotenotenote
Dirt Bike Sport games 05-14-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Battle Over Berlin Battle games 05-10-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Connect 2 Thinking Strategy Games 05-10-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Raiden X Action games 05-09-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Balibaloo Sport games 06-15-2002 notenotenotenotenote
Zip Zaps Race Simulation Games 11-17-2004 notenotenotenotenote
Maximus Sport games 05-19-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Yeti 4 Funny games 06-25-2004 notenotenotenotenote
Wiz 3 Platform games 05-06-2003 notenotenotenotenote
Flash Ludo Thinking Strategy Games 05-18-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Dare Devil Sport games 05-10-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Desktop Defense Thinking Strategy Games 04-06-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Pang Arcade Games 11-10-2004 notenotenotenotenote
Yeti 5 Funny games 06-25-2004 notenotenotenotenote
Texas hold'em Poker Card games 01-08-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Age of War Thinking Strategy Games 01-14-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Jewel Quest Thinking Strategy Games 01-21-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Spore Cubes Funny games 03-08-2002 notenotenotenotenote
Crescent Solitaire Card games 02-01-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Rise of the Atlantis Thinking Strategy Games 02-11-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Bubbles Shooter Funny games 02-21-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Smash Out ! Reflex-mouse games 03-06-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Uphill Rush Race Simulation Games 03-18-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Balloon Invasion Action games 04-09-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Dad And Me Action games 04-08-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Super Mario Flash Platform games 05-02-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Boxhead More Rooms Action games 05-08-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Monkey Kart Race Simulation Games 05-09-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Lightning Card games 04-19-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Bubble Up Funny games 05-02-2008 notenotenotenotenote
5dice Solo Casino Games 04-24-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Gold Miner Special Edition Arcade Games 06-13-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe (...) Music Games 06-19-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Bobosnake Funny games 06-21-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Swords and Sandals Crusader Thinking Strategy Games 06-21-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Super Smash Flash Battle games 06-26-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Bricks Breaking II Funny games 06-26-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Coup Franc Contre le Mur Sport games 06-28-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Gems Bejeweled Thinking Strategy Games 07-01-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Maths Rapides Thinking Strategy Games 06-29-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Mini Putt Sport games 07-06-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Tir à l'arc - Hit the Jackpot Sport games 07-22-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Staries Thinking Strategy Games 07-26-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Mahjongg Thinking Strategy Games 07-25-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Mahjongg 2 Thinking Strategy Games 08-05-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Canyon Defense Thinking Strategy Games 08-22-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Governor of Poker Card games 09-01-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) GemCraft Thinking Strategy Games 10-06-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Bloxorz Thinking Strategy Games 10-10-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Dark Orbit Time Management / MMORPG Games 09-19-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Nobuyuki forces 3 Shooting games 11-04-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Duels Defense Thinking Strategy Games 11-06-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) 4 Elements Thinking Strategy Games 12-13-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Airport Mania: First Flight Action games 12-14-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Cooking Academy Funny games 12-23-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Flash Chess III Thinking Strategy Games 12-26-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Farm Frenzy Funny games 12-26-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Bricks Breaking Thinking Strategy Games 01-17-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Gems Bejeweled II Thinking Strategy Games 01-19-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Cake Mania 2 Time Management / MMORPG Games 12-21-2008 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Tower Blocks Funny games 01-23-2009 notenotenotenotenote
The Secret of Margrave Manor Thinking Strategy Games 01-07-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Tri Peaks Solitaire Card games 01-24-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Bricks Breaking Hex Thinking Strategy Games 01-17-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Sapin De Noël Illuminé Thinking Strategy Games 01-23-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Rome Puzzle Thinking Strategy Games 01-30-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Egypt Puzzle Thinking Strategy Games 02-06-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Le Tour du Monde en 80 jours Thinking Strategy Games 12-16-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Jungle Fruit Thinking Strategy Games 03-05-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Ranch Rush Time Management / MMORPG Games 03-17-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Be Rich Time Management / MMORPG Games 03-20-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Women's Murder Club: Mort Ecarlate Thinking Strategy Games 03-16-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Call of Atlantis Thinking Strategy Games 03-23-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Pacman Fight Platform games 02-07-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Farm Frenzy 2 Funny games 02-17-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Mahjong Arcade Thinking Strategy Games 02-06-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Terrace Solitaire Card games 04-08-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Paxon Funny games 02-01-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Les Aventures de Robinson Crusoé Thinking Strategy Games 03-27-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Holoholo Island Funny games 04-15-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Super Chick Sisters Platform games 04-04-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Grizzly Adventure Platform games 01-09-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Mystery Case Files: Return to (...) Thinking Strategy Games 04-25-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Naval Fighter Action games 05-04-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Jewel of Atlantis Thinking Strategy Games 12-30-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Crush the Castle Funny games 05-06-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Feeding Frenzy 2 Shipwreck Showdown Funny games 03-31-2009 notenotenotenotenote
XiaoXiao Shooting games 05-11-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Les Nuits de Mr Snoozleberg Episode 2 Adventure-Role-RPG Games 02-19-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Nanny Mania 2: Goes to Hollywood Time Management / MMORPG Games 05-06-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Bookworm Deluxe Thinking Strategy Games 05-23-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Zuma Deluxe Thinking Strategy Games 05-23-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Les Nuits de Mr Snoozleberg Episode 1 Adventure-Role-RPG Games 02-19-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and (...) Time Management / MMORPG Games 05-03-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Go-Go Gourmet Time Management / MMORPG Games 12-27-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Star Blocks Thinking Strategy Games 12-14-2009 notenotenotenotenote
(A télécharger) Cake Mania 3 Time Management / MMORPG Games 10-23-2009 notenotenotenotenote
Fruit Ninja 2 Reflex-mouse games 03-04-2012 notenotenotenotenote
Angry Bird Shooting games 03-04-2012 notenotenotenotenote
Youda Safari Funny games 03-22-2012 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Thieves of Egypt Solitaire Card games 03-24-2013 notenotenotenotenote
Candy Crush Saga Thinking Strategy Games 04-24-2013 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Eight Off Solitaire Card games 04-30-2013 notenotenotenotenote
(Scores) Gin Rummy Card games 05-04-2013 notenotenotenotenote
Cauchemars Aventures 4 Adventure-Role-RPG Games 03-24-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Muay Thai Battle games 05-10-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Sonic Xtreme Platform games 08-21-2007 notenotenotenotenote
Stunt Bike Island Race Simulation Games 07-20-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Clear Vision 2 Shooting games 10-14-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Cauchemars Aventures 2 Adventure-Role-RPG Games 03-08-2008 notenotenotenotenote
DJ Fest Vol 1.0 Music Games 05-31-2008 notenotenotenotenote
Zookeeper Thinking Strategy Games 07-16-2004 notenotenotenotenote
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telechargerGames to download on your computer

Jeu a telecharger gratuit Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition
Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition

telechargerWanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition
It’s the find of a century, but will you live to tell about it?

PC - 637.3 MB

Jeu a telecharger gratuit Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire Collector's E
Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire Collector's E

telechargerEnchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire Collector's E
Save the citizens of Rivershire from a terrible plague!

PC - 1628.8 MB

Jeu a telecharger gratuit Royal Detective: The Princess Returns Collector's
Royal Detective: The Princess Returns Collector's

telechargerRoyal Detective: The Princess Returns Collector's
Princess has disappeared, and her statues are under attack!

PC - 1008 MB

Jeu a telecharger gratuit Big Fish Casino
Big Fish Casino

telechargerBig Fish Casino
Blackjack, Texas Hold'em Poker, Video Poker, Roulette, Slots, and Word Ace in a gorgeous, social package! Play, compete, show off, and make friends!

PC - 39.8 MB

Jeu a telecharger gratuit Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition
Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition

telechargerVermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition
Ghastly murders in Whitechapel foreshadow the return of the Red Queen!

PC - 864.6 MB

Jeu a telecharger gratuit Gummy Drop!
Gummy Drop!

telechargerGummy Drop!
Match your way through thousands of levels as you solve puzzles and explore colorful cities around the globe. LET'S GO GUMMY!®

PC - 98.6 MB

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3. phil-699701654 pts.
4. koba1530 pts.
5. sonate1200 pts.
6. picadette1050 pts.
7. patelec667 pts.
8. oujda_lazaret469 pts.
9. youpii323 pts.
10. yveline51233 pts.
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